Concert on Sunday 3rd September at 11:30am.

Coffee will be available from 10:30am. Doors opens at 11:15am.

For concert goers, there is only street parking, or the Scott Arms car park if you plan to have a post concert drink or lunch. The seating however is on chairs, not pews and the acoustic is wonderful.

Built in the 1870’s by George Edmund Street for the third Earl of Eldon, St James’s Church stands overlooking the valley of Corfe, high up in the village of Kingston, an imposing Purbeck landmark. Street said, “It is the jolliest church I have built”. Jolly is perhaps an odd word to use even by its architect, of a church in the style known as ‘High Victorian’. The interior is almost cathedral-like. Colour is brought inside through stained glass windows and the marble for the great pillars quarried in the valley at Blashenwell where the Scott family lives now.

The marble for the intricately carved capitols came from the farthest quarry at St Aldelm’s Head, now defunct. Lord Eldon was proud of the fact that his church was built entirely of materials from his own estate. (Grateful thanks to Trev Haysom for these details.)