Marvin Dillmann is an internationally performing didgeridoo virtuoso from Wuppertal, Germany. In Australia he was introduced to the didgeridoo by an Aboriginal man in 1995. Back in Germany he studied it mostly autodidactically.

Over the years he has developed an unique style that offers a new perspective on the instrument of the Australian Aboriginal people. He is now regarded as one the most fascinating and versatile contemporary didgeridoo players. Marvin Dillmann is a highly energetically and captivating solo performance artist with particularly strong rhythmical and improvisational skills.

His distinctive full sound melts perfectly into any kind of musical genre. In the past twenty years he collaborated with renowned Jazz artists like Arkady Shilkloper and Günter Baby Sommer and world musicians like Bapi Das Baul and different international gypsy music groups. For over ten years he was doing oriental and modern Sufi music with his spiritual teacher Sheikh Hassan Dyck and the band Muhabbat Caravan.

In the field of classical music Marvin Dillmann is part of Ensemble NAYA that released the album “Exaltation” (Naxos) with Israeli countertenor Yaniv d’Or in 2018. They presented their folk baroque project at BBC Radio 3 and received a five star review from The Independent for their premiere at Wigmore Hall (“A surprisingly engaging sound world”).

Also in 2018 Marvin Dillmann released his album “Ritual Bass: Blown Tube” which is a fusion of didgeridoo and electronic dance music.

Furthermore he is part of the “World Musicians”-band of Arijit Singh, who is currently India’s most successful Bollywood singer, and accompanies him on tour worldwide.