Per Arne Glorvigen is among the foremost of todays bandoneon players.
His contact with this instrument began as late as at the age of 25 when he after having finished the State Academy of Music in Oslo, moved to Paris and met the Argentinian bandoneon maestro Juan José Mosalini.
After two years of studying with Mosalini and several stays in Buenos Aires, Glorvigen began his career as a professional bandoneonist.
In addition to playing tango, Glorvigen has expanded the repertoire of the bandoneon by playing everything from baroque, kletzmer and pop and last but not least; contemporary music. The young composers Willem Jeths (Holland), Bernd Franke (Germany), Henrik Hellstenius (Norway) and Luis Naon (Argentina / France) have all dedicated concertos to Glorvigen.
In 2003 he performed and recorded with the Alban Berg Quartet and together they commanded a new piece for bandoneon and string quartet by austrian composer Kurt Schwertsik. Among Glorvigens musical partners we find artists as Giora Feidman (clarinet), Göran Sölscher (classical guitar), the ensemble Tango for 3, the Leipziger Streichquartett, Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie of Bremen, the BBC Symphony Orchestra, Orchestra Guiseppe Verdi Milano, Danish Radio Symphony Orchestra, the Oslo and the Gothenburg Philharmonic, the Russian National Orchestra, the and the Soloists of the Orchestre de Paris.
Nevertheless, his most important collegue has been violonist Gidon Kremer with whom he has recorded 4 CDs and played nearly one hundred concerts worldwide.
Per Arne Glorvigen also works as an entertainer and comedian with language sketches as a speciality.
He is currently studying in Paris with Eric Tanguy (composing) and Guillaume Conesson (orchestration).
Recordings for Auvidis, Nonesuch, Sony Classical, Teldec, EMI Classics and Deutsche Grammophon.